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Job Portal

RG Infotech's Job Portal provides a facility for job seekers to create a personal account with an email address and password, which they can revisit and update. Job seekers provide information about them via an online application form, and are able to view a list of job openings. This job portal is completely 'modular' enabling it to exactly meet the requirements of any size of organization.
job portal development
Our expertise in delivering online and web based job / resume portal solutions have enabled us to be consultant for the following client categories:
  • Executive job search firms & Career Consultants
  • Placement consultant & Companies in the field of IT
  • HR Job Placement Consultancy Service Providers
  • Human Resource Outsourcing Consultant
  • Recruitment Agencies
We recommend customized job portal solutions to clients as per their individual requirements. This ensures several benefits as follows:
  • User-friendliness
  • Relevant to client requirements
  • Simple and easy to use