RG Infotech IT consulting India

Software Packages

  1. Marketing
  2. Inventory
  3. Purchase Management
  4. Store Management
  5. Financial Accounting
  6. Planning and Scheduling
  7. Personal Management
  8. Employee Management
  9. Extensive Reporting Facilities
  10. Alerts and Reminders
  1. Complete maintenance of information on each inventory item.
  2. Maintenance of component information on each item.
  3. Complete transaction history for unlimited time period.
  4. Support for multi user functionality.
  5. Logical grouping of products according to product type and storage location.
  6. Effective and quick Invoice generation.
  7. Maintenance and creation of Receipts.
  8. Stock balance and reorder management.
  9. Predefined and Customized (optional) reports.
  10. Tracking of minimum stocking levels through alerts.
  11. Easy search options for inventory items.
  12. Support for partial payments.
  13. Real time balance calculation for each vendor and customer.
  14. Support for document printing.
  15. Management report generation using powerful report wizard.
  16. Integration with bulk mailing software for sending offers to customers (OPTIONAL)
  17. Integration for Barcode Reader (OPTIONAL)
  1. Track Lead Customers
  2. Better Management of leads and understanding of conversion rates
  3. Setting up Marketing campaigns
  4. Management for ongoing marketing efforts
  5. Field Sales management
  6. Cases Transfers
  7. Internal Follow ups management
  8. Efficient Customer Service
  9. Easy Information Sharing
  10. Support and Service
  11. Multiple Logins with defined privileges
  12. Integration with Bulk Mailing Software for sending offers and updates to the customers. (OPTIONAL)
  1. Dynamic Generation of Email address by using various permutations and combinations
  2. Filter specific Email Ids from the list.
  3. Sends text & HTML bulk email
  4. Sends attachments and embedded images
  5. Online Monitoring functionality with Progress bar
  6. Writes professional log files (successful and refused email addresses).
  7. Imports address lists and personalization columns from text files, from tables (e.g. Excel, CSV)
  8. Email address list manager: Manage and save a lists of email ids