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How to choose the right web development partner
How to choose the right IT Company?
How to select the right software partner for my job?
What should I look for when I want to outsource my web development work?
Is it safe to outsource my software / web development work?
If you are concerned about any such issues and are hunting for answers then go on and read the entire stuff.
With rising needs of web development industry, it becomes imperative to choose the right partner for a successful project. The choice of partner will very much impact the overall delivery and implementation for your online presence on World Wide Web. Some people just pick a partner from one of the first few people who contact them while others make their selection based on the prices offered to them from various companies/individuals. What people most often do not consider is the ability and past delivery record of their partner. What’s most important is not just to see the project happen on papers, but to visualize it happen in real in the given conditions.
For how long has the partner been into business?
Have they dealt with any customers in your region/area?
Does your partner have the capability to deliver what you are looking for?
Does the partner have technical competence to warn you about any potential flaws or problems that can crop up at a later stage?
Does your partner take care of quality and minor details to bring in professionalism in work?
Has the partner done any similar work in past or something which is comparable and equally complex?
Are the timelines give to you feasible and will be followed?
What happens if deliveries are not made on time for your work?
Are the prices offered to you feasible and to market standards so as to cover the development costs and build a long term relationship?
Is the partner stable and will be in business once your work is done?
Is the partner or their associate traceable in case you need them urgently?
Has the partner had any satisfied customers in the past for any services they have done?
What kind of after sales support will be provided assuming work has been done and delivered?
If you get satisfactory answers for at least 80% of the questions above, then I think you are in good hands. Some people will not be able to provide satisfactory answers to most of these questions. If you land up working with them, the project is bound to fail. We suggest you to continue your search in such cases and think twice before starting any sort of work with non-professional partners.