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5 Unbeatable Points for Mobile SEO Strategy

Mobile SEO

Any person doing business on the Web today knows, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical. It’s the only approach to make your online business presence stand out from the hundreds or even thousands of competitors in your niche.

Google has recently published a set of official developers’ resources and recommendations to build Smartphone optimized sites. However, from a strategic perspective you also need to identify which are the best options according to your target market, present users, and site characteristics.

There are numerous ways to advance apps today: marketing, optimizing for app store algorithms, or even just promoting the mobile app via your website. But Google has also been adding some new ways for mobile apps to be discovered organically, and it’s something that SEOs today should be considering in the holistic optimization process.

Here are some of the unbeatable points for Mobile SEO strategy-

It’s An Absolute Necessity

Search engines have acknowledged mobile content as critical. They are already working on ways to search that content more effectively.

By failing to craft content that is optimized for mobile, your Web presence effectively falls behind others who are working to get their content recognized by search engines like Google.

Using Proper Redirect is Key

Redirecting users to the version of your site best fitting for their device, be it laptop or mobile, is an important part of optimizing these days. It’s essential both because it affects user experience and because it impacts how Google sees your site.

Responsive Design is a Good Solution

When it comes to your mobile SEO strategy and optimizing your website for mobile, one good solution is responsive design. Basically, a responsive Web design is one that “responds to” and resizes itself based on the device of the user.

There are some reasons why Google recommends this approach and why you should consider taking this route:

Performance: Responsive design approach is the fastest way to go. Redirects can be slow and in the world where nanoseconds count for conversions you should consider avoiding redirects.

Easy sharing: It’s not complicated to share a single URL in social media.

A single URL: One URL is good for SEO.

Ironing Out the Kinks is Imperative

An important characteristic of mobile SEO is the experience visitors have when visiting your site via a mobile device.

The official Google Developers site has this list of common problems:

  • Slow page speeds: Slow loading time is especially an issue with smartphones given the characteristics of mobile data networks. Google has some suggestions to get your mobile site to load faster.
  • Irrelevant cross-linking: If your site serves visitors on a separate mobile URL and links to the desktop-optimized version of your site, be sure not to link your smartphone page to something irrelevant like your desktop version’s landing page, for example.
  • Interstitials for app downloads: Be careful how you promote apps on your website and make sure it doesn’t affect how the mobile version of your site is being indexed.
  • Faulty redirects: If you redirect users from your desktop optimized site to your mobile site, be sure you aren’t sending users to an irrelevant or incorrect page.

Maximize Visibility of Mobile Content

If you have separate Web and mobile versions of your site, don’t keep it a secret thinking search engines might label it duplicate content and penalize you.

As mobile devices become more and more trendy, failure to build a mobile SEO strategy and optimize your site for mobile will put you at a larger disadvantage.

Be sure your content is easy to access on every kind of device a visitor might be using. You’ll help improve both traffic and customer conversion in the process by bringing more potential clients to you online.

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