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About Web Promotion

What is Web Promotion?
Web Promotion is all about publicizing your website through famous search engines such as Google, Yahoo and AltaVista etc. Almost 80 percent of the traffic to any website is created through a search engine. It is essential to promote your website so that your ideas get conveyed to the maximum audiences. Without Web Promotion all your expenses on creating a good website may go wasted. To know about our Web Promotion Services, click here...
What is the difference between Search Engine Submission and Search Engine Optimization?
While Search Engine Submission means that your website address is listed with a search engine, Search Engine Optimization takes it a step further, ensuring that your website is recognized properly by the search engine through the use of appropriate keywords on your website, and whenever there is a keyword search which matches your website category, link to your web address is displayed along with other search results.
What is indexing and ranking of a Website?
When a website is submitted to a search engine, a program called a spider, reads the content of the site, and, depending on what the spider finds, the site is added to the search engine database. This is known as indexing .
After a site has first been indexed in a search engine, it is common to find that it does not rank very well on its selected keywords. This is because when the site is indexed the search engine does not record all of the relevant information needed for the database, usually only recording the URL.
A few weeks after this happens, the spider revisits the site, and completes the in depth analysis of the site, recording the meta tags , title, body text and other components of the site needed in order for the site to be found in the database when a search is performed. This process is called ranking , as the search engine can now relate the site to particular keywords, and so will be able to rank it within search results.
Is just submitting the website address once to the search engine not enough?
It is a common misconception that once a site appears in a search engine it will be there forever. Sadly, this is not the case. Just like any other type of promotion or marketing, as soon as you stop doing it, the effect disappears. Search engines use several means of keeping their databases as up-to-date and relevant as possible.
Regular submitting your website address to the Search Engines. When a site is first indexed by a search engine a program called a spider, visits the site to assess the content of site, making sure it is a fully functioning site with relevant content. After the site has been added to the database, the spider revisits the site every few weeks, to check the site is still there, it still holds relevant information etc. If, for any reason, the site is not viewable when the program visits, or it appears not to have been updated, the site may be down ranked, or even dropped, by the search engine.
Change the algorithms they use to gather results. The programs that search engines use to gather results when a search takes place are called algorithms. These programs use different criteria to search sites for occurrences of keywords, and rank them in order of relevancy. Each search engines algorithms change every few months, as criteria change and search engine technology evolves. This means that top ranking sites change from algorithm to algorithm, as each uses different methods to rank results. This means that it is highly unlikely that what was number one in any search engine 2 months ago will still be number one today. It is because of these constant changes that it is important to monitor your search engine positioning carefully. Even when you have picked the best combination of keywords, and have been well ranked in all of the search engines, left to their own devices, search engine placements will slip considerably.
Do I get more visitors on my Website by promoting it?
Most probably yes but one thing that's surely you will benefit with is that, you will get more sales enquiries, as the people who do find your site on a search engine will be much more likely to want to buy your products or services, as that is exactly what they have been searching for and at the end of the day, the only important web statistic is a sale.