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E-mail Marketing

Bulk email software allows you to send hundreds of emails at the stroke of a button. Marketing by email is an indispensable part of business today, and the correct email marketing solution is vital. Bulk Mailer is powerful email software that comes at an affordable price. Using this software, you can keep a database of your client data, send thousands of emails at one time and easily maintain your email database.
Bulk Mailer is a flexible direct mail delivering and newsletter sending program. The number of email recipients in lists and the number of lists themselves are unlimited. It is perfect for sending personalized e-mails in bulk. The program can also be used to merge email lists with any other email address database. This mass mailer allows you to perform basic mailing list management tasks : add new addresses, remove unused addresses, etc. It offers solutions for high volume personalized email marketing with powerful additional features that will help your business make the maximum profit.
Key Features
  • Dynamic Generation of Email address by using various permutations and combinations
  • Filter specific Email Ids from the list.
  • Sends text & HTML bulk email
  • Sends attachments and embedded images
  • Online Monitoring functionality with Progress bar
  • Writes professional log files (successful and refused email addresses).
  • Imports address lists and personalization columns from text files, from tables (e.g. Excel, CSV)
  • Email address list manager: Manage and save a lists of email ids