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E-commerce Web Solution

With the advent of many new technologies, the Internet community is growing and as a result more and more people are choosing the internet to procure commodities for their day to day needs. E-commerce allows firms to establish or enhance their market presence by providing round-the-clock availability for their products or services. E-commerce ensures a cheaper and more efficient distribution chain for a company’s line of offerings. It guarantees quick access, easy accessibility, and international reach to customers.
RG Infotech India, through its expert work force, provides tailor made e-commerce solutions that will fit with your company's goals thereby enhancing your productivity. We will help you acquire an innovative and flexible approach in architecting your e-commerce solutions. We believe in providing the best solution to our customers in minimum possible time.
We offer a number of ecommerce features that can be plugged into your online store:
  1. Shopping Cart
    It allows customers to accumulate a list of items for purchase. It calculates a total for the order, inclusive of shipping and handling charges and the associated taxes, as applicable.

  2. Payment Gateway
    The perfect payment gateway solution for your website that will provide a secure transaction will give assurance to you as well as your visitors.

  3. Search Panel
    Having a neatly positioned search panel will allow visitors to efficiently search for the product that they want.

  4. Zoom Feature
    Having a good zoom feature for your product images, allows visitors to see the minute details of your products.

  5. Live Chat
    It is very important to any ecommerce site. This feature should be site wide, but especially on every product page. It can help close the deal. Customer queries can be answered immediately.

  6. Social Media Panel
    These are a great marketing tool for your products. These allow users to share your product with their friends and family through various social networks likeTwitter, Pinterest,Facebook.
We guarantee you a stable and productive digital store on the web.

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