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Inventory Management System

The Inventory Management Software is designed specially to meet the requirements of medium sized and corporate enterprises. A well organized Business house needs to maintain timely and accurate information about receipt of goods, Sale & Purchase, Disposition, Goods Transfer, and status of stock at any point of time. A precise inventory control system is required to manage the above operations smoothly and accurately.
RG InfoTech Inventory Management Software (IMS) provides you this power to control your inventory with centralized stock information and easy to comprehend operation interface. It helps you track every significant piece of information about each inventory item.
This provides you with the latest status of your inventory and allows you to effectively edit and update significant information. It supports full customizable company info, logo, tax code and value, invoice number etc. It has easy to create invoice, stock balance & invoice management, item category management, staff sales records and staff permission management, backup and restore of stock by its user friendly interface and functionalities.
Key Features
  • Complete maintenance of information on each inventory item.
  • Maintenance of component information on each item.
  • Complete transaction history for unlimited time period.
  • Support for multi user functionality.
  • Logical grouping of products according to product type and storage location.
  • Effective and quick Invoice generation.
  • Maintenance and creation of Receipts.
  • Stock balance and reorder management.
  • Predefined and Customized (OPTIONAL) reports.
  • Tracking of minimum stocking levels through alerts.
  • Easy search options for inventory items.
  • Support for partial payments.
  • Real time balance calculation for each vendor and customer.
  • Support for document printing.
  • Management report generation using powerful report wizard.
  • Integration with bulk mailing software for sending offers to customers (OPTIONAL).
  • Integration for Barcode Reader (OPTIONAL).